One Honest DC Attorney– Incredible Opening Statement Made by Progressive Democrat Public Defender at J-6 Trial: “THEY HAD EVERY RIGHT TO COME TOGETHER – AND OBJECT THE CERTIFICATION OF THE ELECTION!!”

It was surreal to witness a Progressive Democrat Public Defender stand up for the Constitutional Rights of a Trump Supporter in a Washington DC Federal Courtroom this past week.

Although some will say Natasha Taylor-Smith was just doing her job by defending her client Kyle Fitzsimons, she is a rare exception to the rule. Many J6 public defenders have completely neglected their clients.

Please help defendant Kyle Fitzsimons and his baby daughter HERE.

Biden supporter Natasha Taylor-Smith aggressively defends the Constitutional Rights of her client- Trump Supporting January 6th Defendant Kyle Fitzsimons.

Taylor-Smith had set the tone for the trial and revealed her fighter instincts with her opening statement in defense of January 6th prisoner Kyle Fitzsimmons. Please read it below:

Good morning, your Honor, thank you. Good morning, counsel.

The 2020 presidential election was unlike any in modern times. Regardless of what side of the aisle you stood on, there were intense thoughts and feelings about the way in which each state handled the process. For Mr. Fitzsimons, the election results of his community came as no real shock to him. No Republican candidate for President had won four Electoral College votes from Maine since 1988. But shortly after the election Mr Fitzsimons started to hear about irregularities across the country. And not just from your typical aluminum-foil wearing hat conspiracy theorists. He was hearing these stories from mainstream media, from global elected officials, from state elected officials, from federal elected officials and from the President of the United States himself.

And if the old adage “where there’s smoke there’s fire” has any credence whatsoever, Mr Fitzsimmons felt as though he was watching a towering inferno. And so he watched intently as challenges and rallies were held across the country. And although he saw the results of each challenge fade away, he was still being pulled by these same mainstream individuals, and by the Chief Executive Officer of this nation- that there was a plan! That plan did not include the military. It did not include violence, or guns, or weapons of any kind. All that needed to happen was for the State’s Legislatures to come together on January 6th and to object to the certification.  TO COME TOGETHER ON JANUARY 6TH AND OBJECT TO THE CERTIFICATION. They had every right to do so. And each of them had taken an oath to protect our Constitution, and that included ensuring free and fair elections. It was their responsibility. And if the Congressmen did that, and they found there to be irregularities, they would act. And if they didn’t, it would be over, and Joseph R. Biden would be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

That’s what this country is all about. That is what our nation is built upon.

So when Fitzsimons went to the rally in DC to support this effort, he drove down. He didn’t drive down with weapons- although prior to January 6 he owned legal firearms and knives that were used in his employment. He also owns several serrated and long blades that he used as a butcher. He didn’t link up with any fringe groups or anti-establishment types.
He drove down- he visited the shrine to Pope John Paul the 2nd. And on the morning of January 6th he got up early and walked over to the Ellipse. He stood in line for almost an hour to wait to get in. He stood during the speeches. And he remained the entire time the rally was going on.

He watched every speech, and yes there was some rhetoric- but the overarching theme of that rally was that there was a legitimate and legal path for an objection to the certification and that that was happening at the Capitol. So after the speeches, Mr. Fitzsimons found his way down to the Capitol, where he saw people gathered. As he made his way up to the Capitol, you will hear what Mr. Fitzsimon heard, and you will see what Mr. Fitzsimons saw. Eventually he did find himself as part of the fray. And when he left the Capitol on January 6th, he was taken to an Area Hospital where he was bloodied, concussed, and received 8 staples to the top of his head.

In the days following January 6th, Mr. Fitzsimons never bragged about his interactions with law enforcement. He didn’t go around telling people how he tried to enter the Capitol. And he never ever advocated for further action. The election had been certified at that point. Congress had done its job. And he had travelled to DC to see just that! Congress to do their job. That’s it. Mr. Fitzsimons never attempted to actually enter the Capitol building itself, and his sole purpose for traveling from Maine to the District of Columbia was to witness and support those legislators who had already committed to objecting to the certification. Mr. Fitzsimons could not get what he wanted if he somehow stopped that process from happening.

And while there was some interaction with law enforcement, Mr. Fitzsimons never intended to injure anyone, and the evidence in this case will bear that out. And this court would say to a jury if there was one in the box, that what I have to say, or what the council has to say is not evidence – it is just arguments. So at this point I’m going to conclude my opening remarks so that this court can get to the evidence and at the end of this evidence I’m going to ask this court to find Mr. Fitzsimons not guilty. 

Thank You.

Maybe there is some hope for America.

It is a well known fact that many leftist public defenders assigned to January 6th cases are unable to see past the political differences they have with their clients. It has also been reported that they actually encourage their clients to publicly renounce Trump and their beliefs that the election was stolen in order to gain favor with the judge. These public defenders have encouraged their clients to plead guilty to ridiculously long sentences they tell them they deserve.  Many have been incredibly negligent in providing adequate defenses.

Natasha Taylor-Smith, public defender for J6er Kyle Fitzsimons.

Not only did Taylor-Smith do her job, but she has done it incredible well so far and has fought valiantly for her client Kyle Fitzsimons. She did not negate his political beliefs or sweep them under the rug. She acknowledged his right to have them. It is sad to say that we live in such an incredible time that this actually merits mention.

Fitzsimons on January 6th.

Fitzsimons has sat in pre-trial detention for a year and a half in DC Gitmo. He faces 11 trumped up criminal charges including obstructing an official proceeding, civil disorder, disorderly conduct in a restricted building and grounds, and assaulting three law enforcement officers. He faces multiple decades in prison. Taylor-Smith has done a remarkable job in proving his innocence.

Kyle Fitzsimons with his small daughter before his unconstitutional detainment in DC Gitmo.

Please help defendant Kyle Fitzsimons and his baby daughter HERE.

We will post a summary of the trial after it commences. It will then be up to Obama appointed D.C. District Judge Rudolph Contreras to decide Fitzsimons fate. Fitzsimons relinquished his constitutional right to a jury trial as it has been proven by many studies that it is impossible for a January 6th defendant to get a fair jury trial in Washington D.C. All J6 defendants that have gone to jury trial have been found guilty on all charges.

Please pray that United States DC District Judge Rudolph Contreras is able to judge this man fairly on the individual merits of his case with no bias.

We will report the verdict as soon as it is available.

Please help defendant Kyle Fitzsimons’ family and young daughter HERE. In the end GOD WINS.

A Regime prosecutor points at Kyle Fitzsimons during his trial. Fitzsimons is facing up to ninety years in prison if found guilty on all charges.

Please help defendant Kyle Fitzsimons’ family and young daughter HERE. In the end GOD WINS.

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